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Peker Alper & Mehmet Ercan


What will your new startup’s offers be?

Cooki is a Co-Cooking Space for enthusiast amateur cooks and established chefs. It helps them to start earning money from the first day on with their cooking skills, doing what they love and are passionate about. It is a WaaS (Workplace-as-a-Service), which means that it provides cooks with everything they need to get started, including a kitchen, utensils, and a selling stand in the storefront on a busy street with potential customers that will turn into friends&family. 

Who will be your customers?

Cooki’s target group is on one hand amateur cooks who already have the „Rote Karte“ and have started selling from home via online platforms but lack the capital to take the next step, and on the other hand also established chefs, who are skillful, somehow are stuck in a burger store or a boring restaurant due to economic issues, yet are still passionate to follow their dreams on the days off, if only there was a cheaper and faster solution on the market.

How will you make money?

Cooki is a WaaS (Workplace-as-a-Service), so the business plan is to have monthly, daily passes on the fix and flex cooking stations for Cooks and Chefs similar to the established and proven revenue model of co-working spaces. 

How will you take care of your entrepreneurial responsibility?

Cooki has the economic&environmental advantages of the ‚cloud/dark kitchen‘ services thanks to sharing economy; less energy use, and less plastic/organic waste. Yet it suggests an alternative for the community who loves food, is fed up with only 3-4 “convenient” choices imposed by the market, and thinks that food is culture, so eating must be more than ‘click&collect’ but an ‘Experience’. With Cooki, there is a „new“ space for diversity and inclusion; both on the plate and among the community.


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