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Nadia Erraji

Ma, Sparkling Water.

What will your new startup’s offers be?

Ma is a flavoured sparkling water brand. It will be made with natural fruit essence We have very few competitors in the german market. Either you have wildly available options like San Pellegrino or O2, and these are loaded with sugar. Or you have a competitor you can purchase on Amazon called Dash. They are still small here and do not offer much flavour choice. Ma will be special in the sense that it will be tasty and healthy, and wildly available (Think Netto, Rewe, Amazon..etc).

Who will be your customers?

We will target millennials between the ages of 18 and 34 who needed a break from the the stress of everyday life. Be it while watching TV, working or socializing, Ma is here to accompany people in their daily lives to bring more fun!

How will you make money?

I would like to use three channels to generate revenue:
– Amazon as a P0: Amazon will be a great way to gain traction and gather market feedback from potential users asap
– Retail: I would like Ma to be present on shelves of Edeka, Rewe, Netto and more
– Wholesale: I would like to sell Ma to restaurants, to offices, spas and sport centers.
I want to make the question “Do you want some Ma?” or the statement “I will go grab some Ma” part of everyday life.

How will you take care of your entrepreneurial responsibility?

1- Ma will be exclusively sold in Cans. Cans are made of aluminum and are indefinitely recyclable. We are committed to reducing waste and be climate friendly.
2- We are offering a responsible alternative to artificial and unhealthy drinks. We are committed to bringing a no BS recipe that is healthy, delicious and FUN!


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