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Matinuch Ouyyamwongs

HeyOtters – cause we care for one anotter

What will your new startup’s offers be?

HeyOtters is the loyal companion in form of an app that healthcare & social professionals need in their daily work-life in a system that doesn’t offer them much support or recognition, but instead: burns them out. Our goal is to enhance mental hygiene & self-care with a spark of joy for those who spend so much time of their life’s to improve the life of others. HeyOtters is tailored to their daily work-routine and specific challenges as well as supporting newcomers with practical work-advice.

Who will be your customers?

Healthcare & social professionals. People working in theses professions are among the workers with the highest probability to burn out.
There are two main customer groups: young professionals who are digital natives and can be reached through social media as well as people who have been working for some time in the profession and start to feel long term consequences of the stressful work environment.

How will you make money?

We will offer income-based app subscription models to users directly as well as corporate subscriptions. We are discovering options of offering a self-learning platform and group offers & workshops. For the future we are considering various strategies as for example DiPa-Certification & different potential partnerships and cooperations.

How will you take care of your entrepreneurial responsibility?

We believe that sustainability should also be applied to the treatment of human beings instead of wasting them. Through our product we want to strengthen the mostly female social & healthcare professionals, enable them to change the draining system they work from the inside. We want to enhance an encouraging work environment where people can unfold their potential, are being appreciated for their work & supported with the knowledge & tools to care well for themselves & sustainably co-work.


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