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Bayangmbe Mounmo


What will your new startup’s offers be?

Browsing company confidential data is inefficient. All the currently available solutions focus on single users or large enterprises.
DeepFile provides SMEs with a plug and play solution to ask questions in natural language and find answers supported uniquely on documents produced and stored on employees devices and company intranet. DeepFile’s innovative and proprietary LLM is able to run on low performing devices enabling a 100% local process to guarantee the highest level of privacy.

Who will be your customers?

The initial targets are SMEs of professional services. Until now, Companies want to improve the efficiency of their daily operations, they could integrate generative AI solutions but they cannot give up their need for confidentiality. Navigating information and finding trustworthy answers among their documents is still mainly manual work, that translates into capital and time inefficiency. DeepFile is the alternative for SMEs that today must settle for obsolete solutions.

How will you make money?

When focusing on a very modest cut of small & medium enterprises in German professional services – we estimate that we could realistically serve a market worth 250M€ today / – as our software is highly scaleable and adaptable.
We offer a free basic version for B2C and a paid advanced version for B2B. & not just for SMEs either! We are currently also working on a pilot with large corporates like Miele!

How will you take care of your entrepreneurial responsibility?

Our team is multinational, solution-oriented and value-driven. For us, diversity, authenticity and gender equality are not buzzwords, but real drivers of innovation. We know that diverse perspectives generate the best ideas, and we aim to build a culture that both empowers our users and inspires our future employees.
We are conscious of our responsibility as a value oriented tech company and pledge to keep our supply chains transparent and energy sources green.


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