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Shahmir Kazi

Amped – Amplified Education

What will your new startup’s offers be?

It is a promise for the digital Germany in the age of AI. There is an extreme shortage of skilled workers & despite immigration schemes, German tech companies cannot match the scale of USA or China.
It is a comprehensive AI based training & upscaling platform by German professionals for professionals abroad who cannot navigate the German job and immigration market.
It is differentiated by current bootcamps as it acts as a bridge and removes barriers which deter expats from choosing Germany.

Who will be your customers?

Our customers will be highly skilled and qualified experienced professionals with 3+ years of relevant work experience.
This offer is highly attractive as our target customer is highly required in Germany, but has the four pain points we fully resolve:
– Funds to block for a job search visa
– Is not eligible for German bootcamp
– Has no guarantee for getting a job abroad
– Is not trained for the German market specifically, which is global but different than UK or USA.

How will you make money?

1 – Professionals can enroll on our AI powered digital platform and pay upfront 100%.
2 – We provide a Buy Now Pay Later model, along with a German resident sponsor guarantee scheme.
3 – We follow a B2B process whereby we train individuals and if they are hired, the new company pays for the cost.
The cost will be around EUR 3K-4K per person depending on which profession is chosen and is priced at a price index of 50% compared to current bootcamps.
It has a job & money back guarantee.

How will you take care of your entrepreneurial responsibility?

This first of its kind idea bridges barriers & creates life chances for qualified professionals, solving one of Germany’s biggest problems. For each enrollment, we educate a child for a year in the developing world, creating ripple effects for the globe. A digital & AI powered platform helps Germany showcase itself to the world, matching tech hubs in USA, UK & China. Our vision – the need of the 21st century – unbiased & equal employment for all genders & communities in line with EU and UN goals.


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